7th Inning Stretch (GF)
Butter popcorn ice cream + salted vanilla caramel + crunchy peanuts
Apple of my Pie
Apple ice cream + traditional spices + graham cracker streusel
Arroz con Mango (GF)
Toasted coconut rice pudding + Chinese 5 spice + mango swirl
Avocado Have It (GF)
Haas avocado + dark chocolate flakes + pink peppercorns
B. B. King
Salted butterscotch + vanilla + house made dark fudge brownies
Berry White (GF)
White chocolate + raspberry swirl + toasted macadamia
Black Magic Woman (GF)
Black sesame + fresh lemon + coconut ash + local honey
Blondies Have More Fun
Sweet cream + raspberry blondies
Bourbon Pecan (GF)
William Wolf bourbon + roasted & salted butter pecans
Bo & Jo’s Guava Cream Cheese (GF)
Brazilian guava + cream cheese + guava swirl
Bruno Marzipan (GF)
Exquisito Chocolate 73% + Zoe olive oil + house made marzipan
Build Me Up, Peanut Buttercup (GF)
All natural peanut butter + peanut butter cups + fudge swirl
Café con Leche (GF)
Cuban espresso + chocolate covered espresso beans
Carrot Cheesecake (GF)
Cheesecake ice cream + candied organic carrots + brandy soaked cranberries + spiced walnuts
Cassie's Key Lime Pie
Key lime ice cream + almond-graham streusel + condensed milk swirl

Cherry Darling (GF)
Vanilla + roasted organic cherries + cinnamon almonds
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Cinnamon + vanilla + goat's milk cajeta + cinnamon cereal
Cinnamon Roll
Cream cheese + brown sugar + cinnamon roll pieces
Covfefe & Cookies
Cold brew coffee + dulce de leche swirl + chocolate sandwich cookies
Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs
Cocoa Puffs + Cocoa Puff Crunch
Drunken Pumkin’

Traditional spices + snickerdoodle blondie + Jack Daniels
Eat A Peach (GF)
Fresh Florida peaches + mascarpone
Ebony & Ivory (GF)
Belgian white chocolate & dark chocolate ice cream swirled together
Elena’s Heavenly Chocolate Cake
Dark Belgian chocolate + brandy + house made chocolate cake + organic cherries
Fat Elvis (GF)
Roasted banana + peanut butter swirl + bourbon-maple bacon jam
Gorgonzola Jam (GF)
Gorgonzola dolce + homemade apple-fig preserves +  walnut praline
Grandpa's Candy Bowl (GF)
Werther's Original's infused ice cream + dark chocolate covered kettle potato chips + macadamia dust
Hailey’s Comet
Vanilla + salty malty brownies + fudge + chocolate sandwich cookies
Hella Nutella
Nutella + toasted hazelnuts + salty malty brownies + hazelnut liqueur
I love It When You Call Me Big Poppy (GF)
Fresh lemon + poppy seed
Indian Summer (GF)
Kashkaval sheep’s milk cheese ice cream + garam masala + brandy soaked currants
It Takes Two to Mango (GF)
Fresh mango + sour cream
Italia (GF)
Olive oil + basil + tomato jam + mascarpone + toasted pine nuts
Italian Espresso (GF)
Lavazza Italian espresso + orange + chocolate covered cocoa nibs
Jala-Peńo Biz-Ness (GF)
Fresh jalapeño + orange
Jack & Coke (GF)
Jack Daniels + Coca-Cola
James Brown (GF)
Jameson Irish whiskey + dark brown sugar
Join the Dark Side

Extra dark chocolate + raspberry swirl + orange infused fudge brownies + Gran Marnier
Jon Dough
Salted Belgian chocolate + condensed milk swirl + cookie dough
Kooki Monster
"Blue" vanilla + homemade chocolate chip cookies + chocolate sandwich cookies
“Leave the Gun. Take the Cannoli”
Cannoli cream filling + roasted pistachios + Belgian chocolate flakes + cannoli shell pieces
Legen-Dairy (GF)
Double vanilla bean + brown sugar + sea salted caramel pecan clusters
Lemongrass (GF)
Local lemongrass + coconut
Let It Brie (GF)
Baked brie + apricot swirl + toasted almond
Livin’ La Vida Mocha
Belgian 70% dark chocolate + dark roast coffee + rye whiskey + coconut corn flake crunch + salted mocha fudge + pink peppercorns
Lucy in the Sky with Almonds (GF)
Toasted almond ice cream + cherry swirl + toasted almonds
Mamey (GF)
Fresh mamey ice cream
Marshmallow Yellow
Toasted marshmallow + fresh lemon + vanilla wafer cookies
Matcha Almond (GF)
Matcha green tea & almond ice cream + hint of lemon
Melody’s Cake Batter
Vanilla cake batter ice cream + purple cream cheese icing swirl + purple sprinkles
Me So Corny (GF)
Sweet corn + mascarpone + raspberry swirl + bacon-almond brittle
Mint Condition
Fresh mint + grasshopper cookies + mint chocolate Irish cream
Nothing Rhymes with Orange (GF)
Orange and vanilla ice cream swirled together. Like a classic Creamsicle
“Once You Go Black…”
Chocolate pudding ice cream + chocolate sandwich cookies
PB & J (GF)
All natural peanut butter + vanilla + cinnamon + swirls of grape jelly
Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Pineapple + maraschino cherries + pineapple soaked cake + rum
Rocky Raccoon (GF)
Belgian milk chocolate + smoked almonds + bourbon-marshmallow sauce (cinnamon, cayenne pepper, Maldon sea salt)
Root Beer Float (GF)
Classic root beer + vanilla
Sage Against the Machine (GF)
Fresh sage + organic cherries + lemon + local honey + cherrywood smoked sea salt + kirsch
Stout’s Honor
Lincoln’s Beard Witch King Imperial Stout + candied bar nuts
Strawberry Fields Whenever
Organic strawberries with double cream + house made organic strawberry jam
Sunday Morning Hangover
Dark brown sugar + bourbon + homemade butter biscuit crumble + maple glazed bacon + peach jam
Sweet Potato Casserole (GF)
Sweet potato + toasted marshmallows + maple pecans + vanilla
Tahitian Vanilla Bean (GF)
Organic, fair-trade Tahitian vanilla
Thai Donut
Thai Donut ice cream + crunchy peanuts in condensed milk
The Legend of Melba
Apricot + vanilla bean + raspberry sauce + vanilla wafer cookies
Totes Ma Goats (GF)
Rosemary scented goat cheese ice cream + liquor plumped cranberries + sweet & spicy walnuts
Trick or Treat
Bacon ice cream + Kit Kat, M&M’s. Snickers & Twix
True Pistachio (GF)
Roasted California pistachio + local honey
Twisted Sista
Pretzel infused ice cream + peanut butter sandwich crackers covered in white chocolate + dark chocolate covered pretzels
“What is this? Red Velvet?” (GF)
Chocolate cheesecake + mini chocolate chips + white chocolate swirl
"Will You Marry Me?"
Pretzel infused ice cream + peanut butter sandwich crackers covered in white chocolate + dark chocolate covered pretzels
“You’re My Boy, Blueberry”
Cheesecake ice cream + wild Maine blueberries + pecan-graham crust pieces

A Whole New Swirl (GF)
Vegan "white chocolate" + 70% cacao flakes + candied cashews + vegan caramel
Almond Joy (GF)
Belgian 70% dark chocolate + sweetened coconut + candied almonds
Chai My Coconut (GF)

Coconut + chai tea + cardamom
“If You Like Piña Colada…” (GF)
Pineapple + Coconut + rum
Tahini Sunflower (GF)
Soom tahini + sunflower-pistachio brittle
Vanilla Razz (GF)
Mexican vanilla with raspberry swirl
John Lemon (GF)
Limoncello + fresh basil
How You Like Them Apples? (GF)
Granny Smith + spices + apple cider
Lemonwater Wemonade (GF)
Fresh watermelon and lemonade sorbet
The Pearfect Pair (GF)
Pear + fresh ginger + Gran Marnier
Red Stiletto (GF)
Strawberries + fresh lemon
Sex on Fire (GF)
Champagne sorbet
Wake Me Up Before You Mango (GF)
Fresh mango + coconut rum

Ice Cream Cakes (Serves 8-12)
Berry White

White chocolate blondie base with Berry White ice cream & topped with raspberry + toasted macadamia

Bourbon Pecan
Butter Pecan cake with Bourbon Pecan & Tahitian Vanilla Bean ice cream with whiskey caramel sauce + salted butter pecans

Cookies & Cream
Brownie base + Cookies n’ Dreams ice cream + Chocolate sandwich cookies + chocolate sauce

Guava Cheesecake
Maria cracker base with Bo & Jo’s Guava Cream Cheese ice cream + cream cheese icing + Maria cracker crumble + guava swirl
House Made Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches
In your choice of chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, sugar or snickerdoodle cookies (PB & J made with graham crackers)